At AMG Development , investors, entrepreneurs and physicians collaborate to bring products concepts through development, regulatory approval and ultimately successful commercial release.

 Solos Endoscopy Inc. is a thirty year old healthcare technology company whose mission is to develop and market breakthrough technology, applications, medical devices, and procedural techniques for the screening, diagnosis, treatment and management of disease and medical conditions. 

Acceptent, Inc. mission is to build an integrated design and development company producing innovative, cost effective, technologically advanced devices for office, clinic and ambulatory surgical center based ENT procedures. 

CYduct  is developing genetic and clinical products for the identification, diagnosis and treatment of early breast disease as well as cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions within the milk ducts.   The foundational premise of CyDuct as a breast care company is predicated on scientific research that has proven that changes in breast ductal fluid composition are reflective of breast health and breast disease.